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Hey, gang! Tell your owners to e-mail me your photos and bios.  I will post them here.
- Lulu





Here I am lounging on my FAVORITE chair!

I am Lulu - 

I think I am mostly Border Collie, but my owners think there is some Kangaroo in me since I love to jump.

My owners fell in love with me when I was about 8 months old and living at the New Rochelle Humane Society. Before they adopted me, I had been hit by a car and I needed an operation on my broken right hind leg. The Girl Scouts in New Rochelle raised enough money for my operation, which basically saved my life. You should see me run now! I love to dash and dart through the woods, chasing squirrels, playing catch, and running with my family and friends.

The people of New Rochelle have been so wonderful to me my whole life--saving me from my accident, raising money for my operation, adopting me and taking me into their home to live. It makes me sad that suddenly the New Rochelle City Council has voted me out of Ward Acres for most of the week. No one loves the Acres more than I do, or knows them better! Maybe one day Mayor Bramson and the City Council members will come with me and my family to Ward Acres and I can dig up some really cool sticks for them to knaw! Do you think that will help?








Hi, my name is Jeter, and yes my Mom and Dad love the NY Yankees. My folks drove all the way to Annapolis, Maryland to adopt me two years ago. They are great! My pedigree is that I am a "slab"... that is, my mom was a black lab and my daddy was a samoyed. Strange combo, but I got the best of both worlds personality wise. Mom says I'm a true southern gentleman. Guess that's true as I was born in Virginia Beach. My birthday was last week and Mom threw a birthday party for me and 20 of my closest friends at Ward Acres. The parents had coffee and donuts, us kids had homemade "pupcakes" and they were great. We played for hours! Mom takes me to Ward Acres every morning for about and hour and a half. We meet my best friend there, Augie, and we wrestle and run. It's so much fun...I sure hope the Mayor and City Council change their minds about all the new regulations. Alot of my friends won't be able to come play if they don't...I think things are just fine the way they are. My friends and I don't bother people, and if someone comes by who doesn't have a dog Mommy calls me and I come right away. I wouldn't want to make anyone afraid. I just love Ward Acres and sure hope I can continue to come and play with my friends! See you there!



Bonita "born free..."

Jojo & Bonita

Jojo (in sweater) makes new friends


Hello everyone, my name is Curt, and I am about five years old. We're not exactly sure since I was adopted as a stray at the New Rochelle Humane Society back in March 2004. I'm part shepherd, part retriever and part lots of other things, but what I really enjoy is to chase things! I love running after wildlife and will run like crazy when there are other dogs running after a ball. I don't really want the ball, I just want to catch up to the fastest dog! I love being petted and fussed over, and enjoy all the hugs and rubs I get from my friends at Ward Acres. I will really miss Ward Acres if they institute the new rules since my owners won't be able to get to the park during the limited hours, and don't think it's fair that they'll have to pay $250 per year for non-resident dogs. Until then, see you then!


Ruby loves Ward Acres--she is there often TWICE a day!


Sunny is our 2 year-old Flat Coated Retriever who needs exercise and room to run.  In lower Westchester there is little opportunity for him to run, investigate and socialize at the same time.  And then there is Ward Acres..or there was.

We love Ward Acres and Sunny is so much better behaved after a good romp there.  He thrives on the expeerience and since we love him, we love Ward Acres!  We always carry plastic bags to clean up after him.  We rarely find anyone who needs to be reminded to pick up after their dog, but a gentle reminder is mostly all that is needed.

Sunny loves to play at the park with big and small dogs.  It is more fun to watch than even a good movie.

I have written to the Editor of the Journal News about Ward Acres.  They did publish the letter, but I don't know that it did any good.  The point of the letter was that in one day more people use the park with their dogs, than would non-dog walkers use the park in a week---maybe in a month.  It does seem that the NR city council is turning this into a $$ making deal and that that is their motive.

keep us informed and let us know how we can help

Caral, Hal and Sunny Masback





My name is Bonita. I'm a 10 year old Chocolate Lab. I was born in Ithaca New York, on a farm that could not afford to feed me my brothers or sisters. So our owners put up adoption signs at the local ASPCA. That's where my mom, and other college students saw our picture and drove up into the country to find me. I was hungry and dirty full of poop. Mom took me and gave me a bath, made me nice and clean, she saved me and taught me to sit and stay and give paw. Even though I was only 9 weeks old she couldn't hide me in the dorms for long, so we had to move out and get a house with other girls who had rescued dogs in Ithaca as well.

It was great, I had friends and Mom took us to the WILD FLOWER PRESERVE everyday. This is an old reservoir, like the Sheldrake, where I go to run free with all my friends. People also go there to swim, fish and hike without a dog. This is my Favorite place in the world.!!!!  When mom graduated we came home to New Rochelle. Mom knew I missed the WILD FLOWER PRESERVE so she takes me up there camping every year!

When I can't be up there swimming and running Mom takes me to Ward Acres. That's my second favorite place in the world, because there is no Gorges for me to swim in and the trees are all full of vines and are dying, it's kinda sad to look at, but I still love it Anyway! We go on Sunday's after the big family dinner.

Now mom trains the New Puppy to heal, stay, come when called. It's fun to show off how much I know to the new guy! When I get upset watching the board meeting on TV, Dad says "don't worry we won't let them take your Sunday park time away from you Bonita."  

Will anyone please help my Dad .....

Love Bonita

I'm a 1 year old Chihuahua named Jojo. I was born in the Dominican Republic and brought to the USA, by plane, when I was only 5 weeks old! Grandpa saved me and my sister from a shelter down there, got our papers in order and took us to the USA!!!! Our papers said we had been been given all our shots, de-wormed etc, but it was a lie. My sister died 2 weeks later from the Povoria Virus, and I was with her because I was sick as well....but I was stronger than her and survived. Grandpa took me home when I was better but then he got sick a few weeks later and needed surgery. Grandpa couldn't take care of me so he gave me to his daughter, MY MOM, to keep till he recovered. Mom and Dad fell in love with me, and I with them. I have a sister again too, Bonita. A big sister that keeps me warm when I am cold. NY is very cold not like the DM. Grandpa couldn't break my mom’s heart by taking me back so I live with her now and Grandpa visits everyday! After our big Italian sunday dinner we go to Ward Acres all together. Mom trains me there. She says I need lots of socialization, because of my breed. My temperament has improved tremendously and I'm not scared of people and BIGGER dogs anymore. My big sister keeps an eye on me all the time when I'm off leash. I like to run around and meet new friends when I'm there. It gets cold so I like to wear a wind breaker. Please help us, Bonita says the City doesn't want us there anymore and after April we won't be able to go on Sunday's after dinner. I just started to Enjoy the park and would like to continue our Sunday Family Tradition. Love JoJo

Sunny's on a tear!

Sunny returns

Tony is a hero!

Dear Lulu,
I'm sure we have met before at Ward Acres.  I go for walks everyday at Ward.  My name is Tony.  This is a picture of me during the snowstorm last year.  My favorite hangout is the big rock that's off the trail by the cliff.  Did you hear about the time I caught 2 kids ready to start a fire.  They had big butane lighters and had already started a small fire with some magazines.  I started barking and off they ran.  Basically, I saved my favorite park from having a serious fire.  After the police arrived and extinguished the small fire, they found more butane lighters and stacks of papers that were ready to burn.  I was a hero.  Maybe we'll see each other soon and have a run together.  Perhaps, even play a little ball.  I will tell you, I can run pretty fast when I'm in the mood!  See you soon.  Your pal, Tony





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