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We are a community of dog owners and friends who love going to Ward Acres in New Rochelle, NY to walk and hike with our dogs off-leash in the 62-acre woodland park. Together, we have tended to Ward Acres, cutting back invasive vines, removing litter and maintaining a system for trash disposal. We have developed wonderful friendships with each other, and we cherish the opportunity to provide our dogs with the exercise and excitement they need to remain healthy, happy members of our society.

New regulations passed by the New Rochelle City Council will severely restrict off-leash access to the park: Most egregiously, there are NO weekday, weekend OR holiday mid-days or afternoons that dogs and their families can enjoy the park off-leash. The city has also imposed fees for dog use of the park--$50 per dog for residents/$250 per dog for non-residents--which, when compared to other city park fees, are outrageous and punitive.  And adding insult ot injury, the city sends armed police into the park to stop, interrogate and possibly ticket or arrest us.

For the past thirty years, many dozens of people and families have congregated in the park each day, even in harsh winter weather, to exercise with their dogs. Ward Acres is by far one of the most friendly, frequently used and ardently loved parks in New Rochelle and Westshester County. The City Council has offered no data to support claims that the park will be better or more frequently used under the new regulations. We hope to preserve all that is special and wonderful about Ward Acres, while urging the City of New Rochelle genuinely to share it with everyone in our community.

Watch our testimonials! Support fair Ward Acres compromises! Help advocate against anti-dog sentiments and policies in your own community!

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BORN TO RUN is a documentary that explores the impact of New Rochelle's recently passed Ward Acres regulations on current users of the park. Featuring testimonials from many members of the Ward Acres community, both in the park and in the studio.

BORN TO RUN is sure to raise awareness of the plight of Westchester's dog-owning families and friends who love Ward Acres.

BORN TO RUN and its sequels air on Public Access:

Harrison: Channel 18

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