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ELECTION 2007 Results
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To All Friends of Ward Acres:

Lou Trangucci, Al Tarantino and Richard St. Paul have officially WON seats on New Rochelle city council!  Up to ONE-HALF of the new district-elected city council members will be DOG-FRIENDLY!  (The Mayor holds a seventh vote.)

Thanks to all friends and supporters of Ward Acres who helped make this fantastic result possible.

YOU made a difference in this election.  YOU MADE YOUR BARK HEARD all the way to city hall!

Who was it that said, "Dogs can't vote?"  Well, their OWNERS do!

And thanks again to all the candidates who supported us, made such a strong effort and courageously put themselves on the line!

Jeff & Lulu

Nov. 16, 2007

Look at how the Journal News opened its endorsement of Mayor Bramson!

"If dogs could vote, Mayor Noam Bramson would probably be led out of town on a very short leash. But they can't - and we urge New Rochelle voters to take a collective deep breath and step away from the leash law mess in Ward Acres park..."     Nov. 1, 2007  

Our BARK was heard!!

LISTEN TO MAYOR NOAM BRAMSON DISCUSS HIS "MISTAKE" RE WARD ACRES - On Phil Reisman's "High Noon" on WVOX broadcast on October 18, 2007.  Listen to the whole podcast (Ward Acres starts at about 47min30sec.)


How do you feel being told by the Mayor that this issue has received attention that is “out of scale?”

ALSO, to our knowledge, no fee or photo ID was EVER discussed with dog owners.

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