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Ward Acres Appreciation Day - Sunday Oct. 14, 2007

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We announced the "Name the Ordinance" Contest winner: 
Anne Consentino - the winning name -
"Bramson's Bullying."


     Over 40 people attended Ward Acres Appreciation Day.  Many thanks to Lou Trangucci, District #1 candidate, for hosting us at his store, Chow Down Discount Pet Supply on 5th Avenue in Larchmont on a gorgeous autumn afternoon. 


    Michael Brown, candidate for mayor, and five city council candidates attended the event - Lou Trangucci (District #1), Albert Tarantino (District #2), Michael Ferrara (District #3), Richard St. Paul (District #4) and Bruce Negrin (District #6).  They each addressed the assembled crowd in support of the Ward Acres community and reconsideration of Mayor Noam Bramson's Ward Acres ordinance aka "Bramson's Bullying."


    We also collected lots of used sheets and towels to donate to the New Rochelle Humane Society.

     While Mayor Noam Bramson and his rubber stamp city council have their "heads in the clouds" - literally on 50 story marble & mahogany edifices -  many residents think our officials overlook or bungle ground-level issues and concerns in local neighborhoods and bully community groups that get in their way.  

     Prior to the event, on Wednesday night October 10th at "Citizens to be Heard," Jeff Wiegand extended a cordial invitation to Mayor Noam Bramson and all the incumbent city council persons to join us on Ward Acres Appreciation Day.  NONE of them appeared.  We guess they don't appreciate Ward Acres...or maybe they just didn't want to hang with us!

Michael Brown & Esther

Donations to New Rochelle Humane Society
...used sheets and towels are always needed there.

Lou Trangucci, Al Tarantino, Bruce Negrin...
...Michael Brown (holding Esther), Michael Ferrara, Richard St. Paul

Al Tarantino addresses the crowd

Michael Ferrara addresses the crowd

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Our Original Invitation
To All Friends of Ward Acres:
Please join us!  

Ward Acres Appreciation Day is now scheduled for Sunday Oct 14th at 1pm.  Lou Trangucci has graciously agreed to open his store, Chow Down Discount Pet Supplies at 626 Fifth Avenue in Larchmont, to host the event.  At Lou's we will announce the award-winning new Name for the Ordinance and we will "Meet and Greet" the electoral candidates sympathetic to our cause.

After the Meet and Greet, we will hand out flyers to anyone who can then spend about an hour in some lively part of town that afternoon handing them out or leafletting parked cars etc.
We will have T-Shirts for sale to help promote awareness of the Ward Acres issue in town!!

Lunch, snack foods and drinks will be provided.

As a gesture of good will, we ask those attending to bring old sheets and towels to be donated to the New Rochelle Humane Society. (they use alot of these and always need more!)

Please RSVP to lulu@welovewardacres.net.  Let us know if you will be attending the event AND whether you will be available to distribute flyers afterwards.  
Please forward this to anyone you think would like to attend. Bring your friends and family!  And remember to bring used towels and sheets for the Humane Society.

Many thanks!  REMEMBER, if we work together, we can have an impact on this election!

Jeff & Lulu

WHO:   The Ward Acres community and supporters
WHAT:   Ward Acres Appreciation Day: Meet & Greet, donate to NR Humane Society and leafletting 
WHEN:   Sunday, Oct 14, 1pm
WHERE:  Chow Down Discount Pet Supplies, 625 Fifth Ave in Larchmont 
WHY:    Because We Love Ward Acres!

Download HERE the archived "Name the Ordinance" Contest Ad & Entry Form (ran as full page ad in local press).

A Sampling of names submitted for the ordinance:
Noam's Lark
Noam's Bark
Noam's VERY Private Park
Noam's Photo Op Park
Bramson's Blunder
Bramson's Bummer
Fertel's Folly
Doggie Downer
Dog Gone Dog Gone
Dog Gone Bramson
Canine & Sedition Acts
Out Damn Spot, Out!
Warden's Acres
Ward Achers
Ward Acres Heartacher
Empty Acres
Parks for Politicians
The Wasting of Ward Acres
Lassie GO Home!
Fido's Foreclosure
Puppy Prison
Pets Peeved

Click HERE for the We Love Ward Acres Postcard.

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