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Guidelines for Off-Leash Recreation
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Guidelines from the Dog Federation of New York

Welcoming all dog owners and dog-related groups in New York


Advocating dog-friendly, dog-safe communities for all New Yorkers

Guidelines for a Responsible Off-Leash Community

1. Make sure that dogs are up-to-date on required vaccinations, as required by law.

2. Always have a leash at hand and immediately available while dogs are off-leash.

3. Have necessary “poop scoop” tools available at all times, and use them consistently.

4. In “carry in/carry out” parks, take all trash and debris with you when you leave. 

5. Clearly post off-leash areas and times so that park visitors who do not wish to participate can avoid them.

6. Immediately control inappropriate canine behavior, and leash such dogs promptly if necessary.

7. Always be considerate of other park users.  

At all times responsible dog owners must keep the sensitivities of the greater community in mind, and strive to assure that everyone--dog lover and non-dog lover alike--enjoys the use of parks and public spaces.

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