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- Lulu


Our regular winter odyssey...
Why does the City want to DISCOURAGE this?


Jeter's 2 year Birthday Party!


Friends gather to celebrate Jeter's 2nd birthday.




Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I am also deeply saddened and distraught over the recent decision of the City Council regarding Ward Acres.  I have been using the park daily for over nine years.  I am only able to visit the park during the week between the hours of 2:15 and 3:00 because my children are in school.  I am a single, working parent who eagerly leaves work to relieve some stress, get some fresh air, and exercise my dogs by walking at Ward Acres.  I am not sure if I will obtain a permit to walk my dogs on a leash, I can do that anywhere. If I don't get a permit, I plan on walking my dogs everyday down the 200 block of Pinebrook Blvd. I hope no one minds. I am consulting a lawyer friend of mine concerning the legality of this whole thing.  I do understand that dogs need to be licensed but I do not believe it is fair to ONLY charge people with dogs to use the park.  That means my dogless neighbors can go for free and will probably only visit the park a handful of times each year.  I believe that is discrimination. I think that EVERYONE should obtain a Westchester County Park Pass if they want to go there.  That is fair and non-discriminatory. I also hope to find some information regarding a "Right to Use" law that enables us to claim the park as our own due to the length of time many of us have been using it, besides the fact that the city has been receiving funding to maintain this park but have failed to do so.  I wonder where that money went... I spoke to MANY people this weekend and ALL of them said that IF this park was to remain a DOG PARK they would be more than happy to pay to be a member but agreed that it was completely unreasonable for non-dog owners to use it for free. The city would be able to maintain the park and also make money if they legalized it. All they need to do is put up a sign that states, "The city is not responsible for any injury, accident or illness caused by using this park" or something of that nature.  "Use this park at your own risk." That eliminates their liability. Anyway,  I do frequent the park on the weekends but since there will be hardly any hours available to us, I wonder if it will be worth it.  I just wanted to share with you all a little of my history with Ward Acres starting nine years ago. (very briefly!)  Someone told me about Ward Acres. I found it!  I fell in love. I met lots and lots of good friends.  I became pregnant with my first child.  I visited the park twice on the day of his birth.  Many of you know, I labored in that park for many hours before I went into the hospital.  Many of you saw me and supported me during my contractions (tears in my eyes) My son first visited the park when he was three days old.  Some months later my second child was born. Both of them have been visiting the park with me, without incident, for many years. I am sickened by the thought that this park has been (almost) taken away from us (we haven't lost yet!) The city council claims to have the best interest of the community at heart.  They have their own best interests at heart.  There are hundreds of people who use Ward Acres.  Only a handful have stated that they object to dogs running loose.  The League of Woman Voters???? They need to take their Jazzies over there see what is so objectionable. I applaud the Weigands for trying to make contact!  I give myself wholeheartedly to any ideas, suggestions, compromises, rallies, etc... that will help us in this cause.  Many people are hurting needlessly. WE NEED A NEW CITY GOVERNMENT!!!! We need people who actually care about the needs of the majority, not the minority. We, the "law breakers", must fight for what we believe in!  Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Love to all my "friends"
Debbie, Myles, Griffin, Boomer and Max




So, whose stick is it?

Ward Acres Troica

Hi Everyone - see my party pics nearby.
Today's my birthday, I'm 2. Mommy had a party for me at the dog park, Ward Acres. She invited all my friends, made "PUP"cakes for us, and had coffee and munchkins for the parents. We had lots of fun, like we always do at Ward Acres! I sure do love it there. See you all soon! Jeter  

Jeter's human and K-9 friends

Lulu takes it easy after our wintry romp in Ward Acres.



Letter from the Santarellis

Dear Wiegand family,

Thank you for sponsoring this site. Just some interesting thoughts from our family.


We take our 3 dogs twice daily, we always clean up after them and regard these walks as the best part of our day (probably the dogs also). For us , it is a time to enjoy the landscape including natural flora and fauna, the bird life and other pets. Our rescue dog “Andy” seems to especially Love Ward acres. We are his fourth (and final) home. We rescued him from languishing longer than 6 months at Elmsford Animal Shelter.. How about the many dog lovers at Ward that do their civic duty by rescuing unwanted dogs like Andy. We are the ones with a sense of civic responsibility. This translates into being great caretakers of this Park.

We especially love the rambling stone walls. Andy loves to run across them (what a contrast to his small cage at Elmsford).  Our personal way of giving back is to try to rescue the walls from the vines that cover and destroy them. When weather permits, we are out there clearing and trying to replace the smaller stones that have come loose. My husband Nick is becoming somewhat of an expert on the history of these walls in Westchester. He has done a lot of reading on the subject.

We believe people who love the park would be willing to volunteer on a more formal basis and to adopt bits and pieces. “Our” wall is along the first path as you enter from Broadfield and walk  straight. We are going to move across to the next wall when the winter is kinder. There are groups that have adopted areas along the Bronx River and who also concentrate on invasive vines. We could do the same.  I am sure lots of people know of the constant work by Jack and Dennis and others who clear, clean and care. I think that people need to know there is a connection between loving dogs and loving our surroundings. On another note, I would love to know if the graffiti artist who paints political logos on rocks and trees ever stops to consider his damage. I wonder if he is a dog owner. I would love to organize a group to uncover his identity and have him arrested. How about that for a group effort?  

Thanks again, let me know how we can help.

Barbara And Nick Santarelli



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